Surface Questions from Curious Rat

I ran across the Curious Rat blog while following a link about HBO and cutting it’s own throat through going around it’s channel and ran across this post on Microsoft Surface tablets, which have just been announced “ Initial Thoughts and Questions Concerning Microsoft's Surface Tablets ”. Harry’s obviously got an Apple-centric bent, but looks like he takes feedback, so here are my attempts to answer his 15 questions with a little colour commentary by watching the announcement (MP4 download available)  and other publicly available material. What’s the price? The Surface for Windows RT (ARM...

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Move Media Center recordings to the Network

If you're using Windows Media Center, you will have come across the fact that you can't record directly to network storage (without using iSCSI anyway). Since I put together a home server, I was thinking through how I could set my system up to move my recordings over to my network storage. Then I remembered that the Windows Task Scheduler can be driven by events. So in the end it was ludicrously simple: Create a Scheduled Task with an event trigger. Note: these steps only verified on my own system running Windows 7. Your mileage may vary. On the Server, create a share and/or path for your recorded...

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Services offered include bespoke software marketing, infrastructure design and troubleshooting and evaluation. Drawing on over 14 years experience in the software industry, the approach of number8wire is customer-centric and adaptable.


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