Fave’s from this season now we’re halfway through it:

  • Lost. The best shaggy dog story on TV ever.
  • Life on Mars. Nostalgia with a dash of sci-fi. Great cast.
  • How I Met Your Mother. I am a prisoner of my demographic I guess,
  • The Mentalist. An atheist hero on TV who isn’t a misanthrope (see House).
  • Dr Who.I watch on CBC’s Vancouver channel, carried on Comcast here in Seattle.
  • CSI. It’s been fun to watch the transition away from Grissom.
  • Battlestar Galactica. Final season. Nuff said.


  • Heroes. Haven’t been able to get back into it. Not so much jumping the shark as jumping through the shark, while on fire.
  • My Name is Earl.

On the bubble:

  • Star Wars Clone Wars.

Looking Forward To:

  • Reaper. Very funny and cool.