This took a bit of sniffing round to get working this evening, and rather than forget if I wipe my phone, I’m going to share it. That way I’ll be able to find it and maybe you will find it useful with this and other related Nokia phones.

I bought an unlocked Nokia 5220 from Expansys USA ($160 + p/h/tax) and it’s a great little feature phone that is a great phone, small and thin, and a decent media player.

With T-mobile’s new plans, MMS is basically on for free so I thought I’d set it up. It wasn’t trivial, but I got it working in the end.


  1. In the phone main menu, choose Settings (4), Connectivity (9), Packet Data (2).
  2. Packet data conn. == “When needed”
  3. Select “Packet data settings”
  4. Alias t-zones, Packet Data Access Point


Configuration (13)

  1. Options, “Add new”, “Multimedia Messaging”
  2. Account name: t-mobile MMS
  3. Server address =
  4. Use preferred access point = no
  5. Access point settings - Select
    1. Proxy = enabled
    2. Proxy address =
    3. Proxy port = 8080
    4. Bearer settings – select
      1. Packet Data acc pt:
      2. Network Type = IPv4
      3. Authentication Type = Normal
      4. username/pw empty – leave blank