Wow! It’s been a crazy week that’s just past – starting with a phone call last Saturday while I was tripping around Issaquah hunting for a micro-USB cable and some hot cross buns.

Bill and Becca gave me a call to let me know that they were heading up Highway 18 right now with their dog, some friends and another black lab to go hiking on the North end of Rattlesnake Ridge, at the Snoqualmie Point Trailhead… and did the world’s best dog and I want to join them? Of course we did! So I blazed home, picked up the beast and went on a great hike in the pines and was treated to a great view of Si with his head in the clouds. We all piled home and had a great dinner and introduced our new friends to “The Settlers of Catan” (Wikipedia link, Amazon associates link) … which was bloody awesome!

I also started a short-term contract that kept me out of the house starting Tuesday, that gave me a good reason to start using PowerShell in anger… really cool.

At the end of the week I had a set of interviews for another contract… I’ll get the results by Wednesday.

But the best part of the week is that I’ve started a jogging program to improve my fitness. It’s the Cool Running “Couch-to-5K Running Plan”, and so far it’s been pretty good – and the dog loves it too!

All in all a great week – spring is here and here comes the new week!