Just over a week ago I picked up an HP Mini 1000 netbook from Costco. I was looking to get a laptop so Keri could reclaim her MacBook that I’d borrowed to work on for my new contract.

So a week of use so far and here are the top points.


  • Great keyboard. Good feel and great size.
  • Super-crisp screen.
  • Powerful enough for internet browsing, Office 2007, RAS, remote desktop.
  • Homebrew upgrade to 2Gb ram was trivial.
  • Attractive design, with attractive touches.
  • Much better battery life than the MacBook.
  • Great value.


  • No Bluetooth in the Costco in-store version. You can custom build on-line though.
  • I have to wait a couple of weeks before Windows 7 beta comes out. XP is kinda old fashioned.

In summary – it’s a buy.:

I was looking around for a while and had decided on either a Lenovo or an updated aluminum MacBook. I’d mentally prepared to spend about $1500-$1600 on a new piece of kit. But before laying down my hard-earned dosh I wanted to see at least the MacBook in the flesh. So I went down to the local Best Buy. I don’t go to Best Buy very often – in fact I don’t think I’d been in there since the beginning run of Chuck – so it was all I could do not to laugh at how accurate the Buy More parody is. I found my way to the back of the store, brushed of an uninterested “can I help you” and checked out the laptops.

The MacBook was really solid, but the screen was pretty weak… it looked like I would have to shell out for a Pro. Ugh. Anyway, as I was walking out I spied the HP Mini 1000. It was really nicely designed, felt solid, great screen, great keyboard, small but not too small. Hmm… I drove home to give it some more thought.

The more I thought about the current profile of work I’m currently doing the more it made sense. Plus my mate BillK showed me a copy of Windows 7 running on his little netbook and it was fast

The next day I ordered one on-line from Costco.com. Friday I was in a Costco and they had them in store! $450. 1 Gb RAM, 60 GB HD 10” screen model. With the spare money I bought a 46” Panasonic plasma for $950 that I’d been coveting since it was $2500. Ah Costco…